Microvas therapy treats houston peripheral neuropathyMany people with diabetes notice a burning or numbness in their feet. This condition is known as Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a dysfunction of the nerves due to a reduced delivery of oxygen by the circulatory system, common in people with diabetes. Many diabetics feel that their constantly burning feet are the worst symptom of the disease.

Peripheral neuropathy can often be limited or controlled when it is caused by diabetes. I use two different methods to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy in our Houston diabetic foot clinic. Neuremedy is a vitamin that provides nutrients that are lacking in many people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. It provides the body nutrients that are commonly lacking in diabetic peripheral neuropathy and which leads to a reduction of numbness or pain and an increase in sensation. Microvas therapy is also used to restore the small circulation to the nerves, which can reduce the symptoms of, and even reverse, peripheral neuropathy. It is a non-invasive therapy modality available in our Houston podiatry office and requires no medication.

If you are noticing a burning or numbness in your feet, the sooner you get it checked, the better the chances are that it can be resolved. As a podiatrist in Houston, TX we are focused on identifying the cause of the neuropathy and treating it as effectively as possible. Contact Tanglewood Foot Specialists today for schedule a comprehensive diabetic foot examination.

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