There are a few reasons why your foot has become swollen after you sprain your ankle. For one, the ligaments that are on the sides of your ankle that provide stability, and ares injured when you twist your ankle, attach to your foot. Torn ligaments in your ankle, for this reason, will lead to swelling and bruising in your foot.

Another reason is a broken bone in your foot. A strong tendon runs down the outside of your ankle and attaches to the side of your foot. When you sprain your ankle, it puts sudden tension on this tendon which pulls on the base of the fifth metatarsal bone, causing it to break. This broken foot bone is often called a Jones Fracture. It is another reason why it is so important to have Houston Podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider check out your sprained ankle immediately. If a Jones fracture is not treated quickly, foot surgery will be required to repair it.
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