An infographic explaining increase in foot size as posted by The Daily MailEveryone knows that the average human weight and waist size has been steadily increasing over the last few decades, but now a surprising study has revealed that average shoe size is also steadily creeping up.

According to research conducted by the College of Podiatry in London, the average shoe size of British men and women has increased by two sizes since 1970. The study, which surveyed over 2000 UK residents, noted that feet have grown both larger and wider in the past 40 years.

Not only are our feet larger than those of our generational predecessors, the study also found that are feet increase in size during our adult life! Over 26% of men and 41% of women noted that their feet got larger after other types of growth stopped (the greater instances of adult foot growth in women can be explained by pregnancy.)

While the results of the survey are quite shocking, the reason behind our foot-size increase is not: as people’s weight has gone up, so has their foot size. Why? Additional weight causes our feet to splay out, explaining the increase in both foot width and length that researchers noted.

In addition to the troubling statistics on increased foot size, the study noted that 29% of women and 18% of men reported experiencing DAILY foot pain—perhaps because their shoe size hasn’t grown with their expanding feet.

Life is too short to experience foot pain. If your feet are hurting and you don’t know why, or you want to discuss the effects of your weight on your foot health, schedule an appointment with your Houston podiatrist today so you can start walking more comfortably. 

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