Houston podiatrist recommends you choose summer sandals that are healthy for your feetNow that Memorial Day has come and gone, sandal season is officially here and with it comes a whole new set of high-heel options.

Now, as a Houston podiatrist, I always see summer as a chance to give your feet a break and wear lower-heeled, supportive sandals (not flip-flops), but if you must delve into the wide-array of high-heeled options, at least follow these tips for choosing better-for-you high heels:

  1. Avoid heels that are more than 2 inches high; any taller, and your weight will shift forward, putting pressure on the ball of your feet and your toes.
  2. Especially with sandals, choose a wider toe opening instead of a narrow one that can pinch your toes and cause them to curl in un-naturally.
  3. Opt for a wedge heel instead of a stiletto because it encourages your arch to lift.
  4. Minimize your time in heels by wearing more supportive options in transit and switching into your heels only when you reach your destination.
  5. Take extra care when choosing peep-toes, since these shoes can cause your toes to slip over the edge of your shoe or overlap each other. A too-tight fit could push your nail edges into skin, causing you to develop an ingrown toenail.
  6. Wear heels sporadically: if Tuesday is a wedge day, make Wednesday and Thursday a sneaker day to give your sore feet a break.

The final rule to wearing heels this summer applies year-round as well: if your feet hurt, don’t try to walk off the pain: come see Dr. Andrew Schneider as soon as you can. Walking should never be painful!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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