Ditch the Pain, Keep the Boots For this Year’s Rodeo

Avoid pointy-toed boots like these to keep foot pain at bayEvery Rodeo season, I start thinking about cowboy boots. While some pairs actually offer excellent foot support, others can leave your feet and toes in serious pain. If that’s the case for you as you pick this year’s Rodeo kicks, here’s some sound advice:

Miss the point– Though it looks good, boots with a narrow toe box force the foot into an unnatural position, squeezing the toes and limiting mobility at the front of the foot. Cowboy boots with rounded toes are a better option, providing more room at the front of the boot and lessening the risk of pain and trauma to the feet ad toes.

Remember to Stretch  – Because of their need for durability, cowboy boots are often very rigid in spots where the foot and ankle would normally be able to move freely. Limiting the body’s natural movement adds stress on the lower limbs, potentially causing pain and injury. Boots that feel small around the foot or ankle should be stretched, either at home using stretch spray or professionally (go for this option if you’re worried about damaging your kicks.)  

Add Cushioning – Hard soled boots can wreak havoc on your feet if you don’t protect them.  Always opt for boot socks, as they provide the cushioning and shock absorption that’s missing from your boots. Insoles or custom orthotics may also provide relief and additional protection.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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A podiatrist and foot surgeon in Houston, TX.