Put the beer on the sidelines if you are concerned about gout symptomsWhat goes along with football and beer? If you were going to say buffalo wings, you’re mistaken. Unfortunately for many of us, the answer is gout—the painful buildup up uric acid in your joints that causes swelling and inflammation.

Most often, your podiatrist is the first person to diagnose a case of gout because symptoms typically become visible in the joint of your big toe as it swells, turns red and even the slightest touch becomes unbearably painful.

I see so many of my gout cases right after the Super Bowl. Why? On this day given over to the big game, much of the festivities involve beer drinking, and alcohol consumption forces your kidneys to focus on flushing the drink from your body instead of cleaning out the harmful uric acid.

By the way, beer’s not the only culprit—the high fructose corn syrup so abundant in sodas can stimulate uric acid production, putting you even more at risk for a gout flare up.

If you are concerned about gout, do yourself a favor and limit your beer and soda consumption on game day and every day. Instead, grab a water bottle; not only will you ingest lest calories and contribute to your overall health, but you will also help your body flush out other potential gout-triggers such as the purines lurking in those burgers or steaks you may be grilling.

If you wake up Monday morning with a red, swollen toe, don’t delay; call Dr. Andrew Schneider immediately so we can get your gout symptoms under control as quickly as possible.

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