Houston Distributor for Biofreeze and TherabandBiofreeze® is a unique, effective pain reliever formulated to provide a variety of benefits for therapy, pain relief, exercise/training and overall comfort.

Biofreeze® contains ilex, an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. Ilex is used around the world in various health & wellness formulations. Biofreeze® does not use waxes, oils, aloe or petroleum.

The result is a fast-acting, penetrating, long lasting pain reliever.

Biofreeze® can effectively help relieve pain from:


• Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains
• Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain
• Arthritis
Painful Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip & Elbow Joints
• Muscular Strains


Biofreeze® is only available from health care practitioners and Tanglewood Foot Specialists always has a large stock on hand. Come try the gel that has allowed many patients to stop taking their pain medication.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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A podiatrist and foot surgeon in Houston, TX.