Stop sweaty feet before they cause serious problemsIt’s (almost) winter in Houston which means the boots come out even when the temperatures don't drop...and that leads to foot sweat!

So, should you be worried about it? Can it cause you health problems down the road? Read on for the answers you need from your Houston podiatrist.

There are a quite a few downsides to sweaty feet: odor; dry and cracked skin; athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

There are a few different tricks you can try on your own to stop excessive foot sweating before the constant moisture on your feet leads to the problems I just mentioned.

Daily foot hygiene is crucial if you’ve noticed you have sweaty feet. Change your socks and shoes regularly (maybe even more than once a day if your feet are super sweaty.)  Switch out cotton socks for athletic socks with a cotton-synthetic blend that sucks moisture away from your feet. Try to air out your feet whenever you can and stay away from synthetic shoes that don’t let your feet breathe. 

If these method aren’t working, it may be time to go see your podiatrist. At Tanglewood Foot Specialists, I offer patients antiperspirant lotion for the feet (Bromilotion is a favorite.) If this mild intervention doesn’t stop the sweating, I can also prescribe a stronger solution: a clinical-strength antiperspirant for your feet (this type of product can only be used on adult feet, however, because it’s too powerful for a child’s developing foot.)

While we work together to stop your foot sweats, we can also treat any fungal infection that may have developed due to the dark, moist environment the sweating created. It’s important to note that I don’t just need to treat your foot for athlete’s foot or a toenail fungus, I also need to zap it out of your shoes, either with an antifungal spray like Tolcylen Foot Spray or using a special, disinfecting, ultraviolet light.

Sweaty feet aren’t just embarrassing: they can cause you real health problems. If you’re concerned about your sweaty feet, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today to start feeling more comfortable as soon as possible. 

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