A month after a foot injury, Naomi Campbell is still walking with a cane and using a wheel chairAbout a month ago, super model Naomi Campbell’s reps said she’d sustained a light foot injury while traveling in London. When the lovely lady was spotted at JFK airport recently, however, she was seen walking with a cane and depending on a wheelchair for back up support.

Apparently, Campbell has been using a wheelchair for a while—she was seen sitting in one right before Christmas in a Brazillian airport amid rumors that she might need hip replacement surgery.

Unfortunately, the 5”10 beauty’s walking problems aren’t that shocking. As a veteran of the runway, the 45-year old model has been sporting high heels for a living for quite a long time. And, as we know, the longer you wear high heels, the worse the damage inflicted on your feet, back, hips and the rest of your body, too.

Some women can escape the hellish foot pain associated with stiletto usage by taking a break from their uncomfortable foot wear, resting and engaging in some non-invasive treatment plans.

For women like Campbell, however, who have consistently subjected their feet to unstable, pinching foot wear, weakened muscles and misaligned bones may very well need surgery to get back to working order. 

The only real surprise, then, is that Campbell has lasted this long in the industry without already having had a major operation.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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