Did you Know There's a Home Test for Neuropathy?

This tiny foot patch could help you detect neuropathy to avoid diabetic foot damageAs anyone with diabetes knows, this dangerous illness can pose a real hazard to your foot health. To combat this problem, researchers at Oxford University have provided diabetics with an important weapon in the fight against diabetic foot damage.

One of the main reasons that diabetes can harm your feet is peripheral neuropathy, an interruption of blood flow to the extremities often associated with this illness. Early detection of the condition can help manage symptoms such as burning sensations, pain and hard-to-treat wounds (which can become ulcers), and now scientists in the UK have come up with a new monitoring tool.

Called the Neuropad, this patch can be placed on feet that have warmed up to room temperature and left in place for about 10 minutes. If your feet are healthy, the pad will change color from blue to pink; if the pad remains blue, you are likely beginning to develop neuropathy. The pad works because it detects sweat; one of the side effects of neuropathy is a malfunctioning sweat system, so if no sweat is present on your feet, chances are, neuropathy is setting in. Already available in the U.K, an Oxford study reports that the Neuropad has an approximate 86% accuracy rate at detecting early-stage neuropathy.

In my Houston podiatrist office, I offer a number of different therapies to treat neuropathy and the sooner we detect a problem, the sooner we can begin to make you feel more comfortable. I always stay on top of new detection and treatment options such as this so I can share them with my patients, ensuring you the best and most advanced possible therapy for diabetes.

If you have diabetes in Houston and are concerned about your foot health, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialists so you can benefit from the most up-to-date prevention and treatment options available. 

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