The right way to get measured for shoesIt’s about that time again, when Houston kids will be going back to school. Inevitably, your children will have outgrown their shoes from last year during the summer months, sending you out in search of a new pair (or pairs.)

Want to know how to ensure the shoes you pick will fit properly and offer your child’s growing foot enough support during the many varied activities they engage in during the school day?

Here are a few handy tips from your Houston podiatrist:

* Always purchase new shoes. Hand-me-downs or used shoes have already formed to another child’s feet and won’t give your little one the right fit.

* Before even trying on a shoe, test it for the following: a stiff heel (press on both sides of the heel to make sure it doesn’t collapse); a flexible toe (Bend the shoe with your hands to make sure it can move with your busy child’s toes); a rigid middle (try to twist the shoe. If it twists along the middle, put it down and try a different pair.)

* Get measured: have a professional in the store measure both of your child’s feet. If one is larger than the other, size to the larger foot. You should also shop later in the day, when feet are at their largest.

* Wear the pair: have your child wear the type of sock he or she is most likely to wear with the new shoes to ensure a good fit.

* Go for immediate comfort: your child’s feet should feel good in new shoes right away. A breaking-in period is a myth that you should forget about. 

If your child is experiencing any foot or ankle pain, don't wait to get it checked. Contact Houston pediatric podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider for an immediate appointment.

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