We are hearing more and more about the skin manifestation on the feet that occur in about 20% of cases of COVID-19, now commonly known as Covid Toes. We published information about the skin rashes and eruptions last week and it's been getting much more press lately. These are rashes, blisters, and sores that are noticed on or between the toes and on the feet. They may look similar to athletes foot or warts to you.

So what would we do if we saw that you have what might be Covid Toes? We would be likely to biopsy the lesion to get a true diagnosis of what is causing the eruption on your feet. It makes sense, however, to also get you tested for COVID-19. This knowledge will allow you to prepare you and your family while you are still (and may continue to be) asymptomatic. It will certainly allow you to take extra caustion in your self-quarantine to try to ensure you don't pass it along to anyone else.

If you are curious about the new skin condition on your feet and the possibility that it is Covid Toes, it is a perfect time to schedule a virtual telemedicine visit. Dr. Schneider will be able to take a look and see if there is concern about infection with COVID-19 and send you for further testing, if necessary.