A lot of people come into the office with various inflammatory conditions. It could be a pain in the bottom of the heel called plantar fasciitis. Very often, we'll see someone with pain in the forefoot because of an inflamed nerve known as a Morton's neuroma. And one of the possible treatments for these conditions is utilizing a cortisone injection.

How Does a Cortisone Injection for Foot Pain Work?

The question is often asked, is a cortisone injection just masking the pain, or is it actually solving the problem? Well, cortisone is a form of a steroid and its job is to reduce the inflammation. So although in the injection there is some anesthetic to mask the pain temporarily, the more important function is to reduce the inflammation, which is the cause of the pain. So when you come into the office for a cortisone injection, I'm able to pinpoint the area. Oftentimes, I'll use an ultrasound to locate the area specifically and then be able to give you that injection in that very specific area that is inflamed.

Can I Walk After a Cortisone Injection in my Foot?

Afterwards, sometimes it's a one and done where one cortisone injection takes care of the discomfort and solves the problem entirely. Sometimes we have to go to other steps like using a custom orthotic to help to prevent this from coming back again. But most importantly, after the day of the injection, you're able to go back to the gym, go back running. You don't have to wait any length of time to get back to activity as long as you're feeling better. So if you have a condition that you're wondering if a cortisone injection is a right choice for you, give us a call at the office and we'll schedule you for an immediate appointment.

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