Is it safe to not wear shoes while in the house?Dr. Andrew Schneider and the team at Tanglewood Foot Specialists hope you and your family are home and staying safe through this COVID-19 Pandemic. The office is open limited hours to be here for you for an office visit or through telemedicine.

One thing that I've realized is that while people are staying at home, they have a tendency to walk around the house in socks or bare feet. Is it safe to do that? There really is no absolute answer to that question.

The answer depends on many things:

  • How much you are on your feet
  • What kind of surface you have in your house
  • If you are climbing stairs
  • How stable your foot type is
  • If you have carpeting in your house

Earlier today I had a telemedicine visit with a patient who had just this situation. She has been home, as we are asked to be in Houston, and she has Achilles tendon pain. She doesn't know how it started, but she has been walking around her house barefoot for at least the last week instead of wearing shoes and her orthotics. Through telemedicine, I was able to look at her foot, tell where the problem is, prescribe medicine appropriately, and allow her to be pain free while being home.

Most importantly, what this patient enjoys is to leave the house and go for walks, which is being limited by the pain she is feeling. Hopefully, by reducing the inflammation with medication, using ice, and resting, she'll be able to once again be able to go out for her walks.

If you are noticing that you are starting to get foot pain while just being around the house all day, contact us for an immediate appointment.

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