Houston podiatrist recommends painless ingrown toenail removal and surgeryFor some reason, people are more afraid of ingrown toenail surgery than anything else that we do. In fact, I have people more afraid of ingrown toenail surgery than major open heart surgery. Why is that the case?

I'm Houston podiatrist, Dr. Andrew Schneider and ingrown toenails is what I do. It's what any podiatrist does. It's one of the most common things that I see in my office. And here's the thing, an ingrown toenail is painful:

  • It hurts to have it.
  • It hurts to wear shoes.
  • It limits you in the shoes that you can do.
  • It limits you in what activities you can participate in.

For something so small and localized, it has a huge impact on your life. So why not get it taken care of? It is a simple procedure in the office. You're in the office for less than 30 minutes.

Now here's the secret, ingrown toenail surgery is not painful. The only thing that's painful is when I have to numb your toe. Now, trust me, you want me to numb your toe. You don't want me to do this procedure when the toe is not numb. But once the injections are done, which takes less than a minute to numb your toe. We give it a few minutes to get nice and numb before I start doing anything. I test it to make sure it's numb and the procedure itself takes less than five minutes. Painless.

So if you have had an ingrown toenail, if you're suffering with an ingrown toenail and you're just afraid to get it taken care of, please stop the madness. Give us a call. Come on in for a quick and easy procedure. I guarantee you will kick yourself that you did not come in sooner.

Give us a call at the office for an immediate appointment.  Thanks so much for watching and have a great day.


Dr. Andrew Schneider
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