Give Your Feet a Break for #GivingTuesday

Be kind to yourself and others this Giving TuesdayLet’s face it: life can be tough on your feet. Our city and our soles have been through a lot already this year: the floods that tore through our neighborhoods may also have left you with foot problems, whether from standing for hours on end during clean up, obtaining cuts in the flood waters or tripping on debris and twisting an ankle, so much pressure has been put upon them over the past few months.

Thanksgiving was hopefully a healing time for all of us to re-connect with family; perhaps Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw you getting great deals on replacement items you needed to rebuild your home and wardrobe: I certainly hope so!

Now that #GivingTuesday is here, I urge you to do the following: reach out to help others in any way you can, but don’t neglect yourself as well. If you’ve been dealing with foot pain and trying to ignore it or delay treatment, make today the day that you give yourself the gift of pain-free feet. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Schneider for a comprehensive foot consultation so you can start walking comfortably again!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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