Houston Podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider values his patientsI hope this post finds everyone safely social distancing and spending quality time with your family. During these last couple of weeks, I've had ample time to think about what is most important. What it is that I value the most.

First, not surprisingly, is my family who is a constant source of love and support.

A close second, however, is my office team and patients...and that's not just the pandemic talking! I consider it an honor each and every time a patient comes into the office to seek out my evaluation, treatment, and advice. When I see someone in the office, during these uncertain times, I recognize the underlying concern that some have about contracting the virus while out in the community. I make sure to give them the time and attention they deserve, even if its just to socialize after the crux of our visit is done.

For people who cannot, or prefer not to, come to the office these days, I made sure that there is a viable option for us to connect. Using Zoom meeting as our telemedicine platform, we are able to see each other, I am able to look at your foot problem, and we can spend as much time as you need to feel confident that we are addressing all of your needs.

I value the relationship I have with my patients.

I value the runners who are concerned that a foot pain is going to sideline them for the next race they are training for and comes to see me to get back on track with training.

I value the grandparents I see who just want to be able to keep up with their grandchildren and trust me to keep their feet from hurting.

I value the women who wear high heels for work and end the day with pain who consult with me to minimize their discomfort and improve their day.

I value the student athletes I see who have a commendable drive to succeed in their sport while they trust my recommendations to finally get out of pain.

I also value the many physicians who refer their patients to see me to address their various foot and ankle concerns.

Whether a visit to the office or a virtual e-visit, I thank you for the trust you put in me and my team to address your foot and ankle concerns. As always, if you are feeling pain in your feet or ankles, if you are having pain when out for a walk, or you find that standing on your hard floors at home all day is wearing your out, contact our office to schedule an immediate appointment.

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