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We Texans have been through some stuff and we will get through the COVID-19 Pandemic together also! At Tanglewood Foot Specialists we are committed to the safety of our patients. We're wearing gloves and washing hands like crazy. you can skip the gloves and masks, but please take extra time on that washing step!!!

Steps we are taking to ensure your safety: 

  • Minimizing time spent in the reception area
  • Washing hands between patients and using hand sanitizer often
  • Wiping the rooms down completely between patients with disinfectant
  • And we asking patients who are exhibiting fever, respiratory symptoms (other than seasonal allergies), or difficulty breathing to reschedule their appointment along with anyone who has traveled outside North America in the past 14 days.


Dedicated to your health,

Dr. Andrew Schneider and the Tanglewood Foot Specialists Team

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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A podiatrist and foot surgeon in Houston, TX.
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