The weather is starting to get cold. Even here in Houston, TX, we have days with cold weather and, yes, some freezing conditions. Don't just assume it is business as usual! Although this weather forces many runners indoors onto tracks and treadmills, some prefer to remain outdoors.

There is nothing wrong with running in cold conditions but if you do you must make sure you take the proper precautions to take care of your feet. Here are 5 tips for running in cold and wet conditions:

1) Wear quality waterproof socks

Everyone knows that shoes can make a huge impact on the health of your feet, but socks are just as important. Make sure that you have a good hardy sock, not any of those thin shear cotton socks because they don
??t help get rid of the moisture on your feet fast enough in wet conditions.

2) Bring an extra pair of socks

If you are going to run a race in cold or wet conditions then consider bringing an extra pair of socks that you can put on immediately before the race begins. This will ensure that your socks are fresh and dry.

3) Try Using Waterproof shoes

Many shoe companies now make shoes that are either partially waterproof or completely waterproof. They help to keep your feet dry which will help prevent blisters from forming.

4) Try to stay indoors as long as possible before the run

The longer you stay outside in cold weather the greater chance you have of get frostbite on your toes or other areas of your body. Try to limit the time spent outside to as little as possible. If racing in cold conditions try and find a warming tent to stand in for as long as possible before your race.

5) Avoid running in slush, puddles, or deep snow
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