Right or wrong way to runEvery runner has unique features of their running gait. Some are heel-strikers and some strike on their midfoot. Some have a long stride and others short. While every running gait has similarities, there is, generally speaking, no right or wrong way to run.

It is important that you find a running gait that is most proper for you. Many people get injured either by mimicking how others run or by taking advice from others on now they should be running. We are fortunate to have many running coaches in Houston and we'd be happy to introduce you to one to get you started on the right path.

No runner should be in pain. Foot, ankle, knee, and leg pain can often be resolved by making a small adjustment in your gait, running surface, or shoes. Your Houston running podiatrist can assess your needs and make the recommendations to get you out of pain quickly.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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