Kate Middleton's feet aren't in perfect shape, but that doesn't mean she should be shamedEver since Kate Middleton married Prince William and joined the British Royal family, she’s been subjected to endless amounts of scrutiny: everything from her outfits to her hair and weight—even her maternity leave—is constantly being picked apart.

Well last week, as Kate and Wills spent a joyous eight days in India, the Duchess of Cambridge came under attack again—this time for her ugly feet. When Kate respectfully removed her shoes as she entered the Ghandi museum in Delhi, cameras caught a close-up of her unpainted toenails, along with what appeared to be a quite serious case of hammertoes as well as emerging corns and bunions.

Now, given Ms. Middleton’s propensity for wearing high heels at all times (she’s even rocked a serious wedge during a volleyball match) it’s not really surprising that she’s exhibiting some classic symptoms of stiletto over use.

That doesn’t mean, however, that we should shame the poor woman—we shouldn’t embarrass people over their foot problems but rather direct them to a podiatrist who can help.

In my Houston practice, I approach women’s foot health with a non-judgment attitude, offering lifestyle solutions to avoid future problems but also happily helping manage pain and other symptoms once a problem has developed. Your feet should feel good when you walk—but I don’t think you should be shunned if they aren’t always photograph ready. I say give Kate Middleton a break—and a few more sneakers to work into her footwear rotation.

You know that Kate has access to the best care to keep her feet feeling good. You deserve the same! If you're feet are in pain, don't wait! Contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider to eliminate your foot pain and keep wearing your favorite shoes.

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