Foot massage is the perfect Mother's Day giftToday is the day we set aside to honor the mothers in our lives and I have a great idea for an easy, last minute present: a foot massage!

So many mom’s today juggle work and home life, spending long hours on their feet, often in high heels. This can leave women with tired, aching feet, desperately in need of a massage.

In addition to offering temporary relief from foot pain, foot massage can help relieve mom’s stress and, in combination with traditional medical therapy, can help rehabilitate injuries.

How can massage help rehabilitate a foot injury like a sprain or fracture?  The pressure of massage warms up muscles and improves blood flow to joints; when used in tandem with physical therapy, a proper sports medicine massage can help flush out swelling and help you push through tough rehab exercises.

Diabetic patients may also benefit from foot massage (as long as the massage therapist is a professional and knows to take care to avoid hurting your delicate feet) as the increase in blood flow may alleviate the pain of neuropathy (decreased blood flow to the extremities.)

And, of course, even for moms that aren’t experiencing any health problems, a foot massage is a luxurious, relaxing alternative to traditional mother’s day gifts. So pamper your mom and if her Mother’s Day gift reveals some sore spots in her feet or heels, suggest she schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider once Mother’s Day is done. 

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