One Wacky Habit that Can Keep Runners Injury Free

Before you head out for your Sunday run tomorrow morning, you better read this post. A new study just confirmed that one pretty unusual practice can cut your risk of running injuries by as much as 39%!Switch up running shoes as often as you can to avoid foot pain

Most people I know have one favorite pair of running shoes that they wear until they need replacing, but according to this study conducted by researchers in Luxembourg, rotating between at least two pairs of shoes each week can drastically reduce your risk of incurring a running injury of any kind.

It sounds like a weird idea, especially since a lot of us take time to break in our shoes and really get them comfortable (even though your Houston podiatrist thinks that your shoes should fit perfectly the very first time you wear them.) The science behind rotating shoes during the week, however, is that different shoes absorb the shock of running differently; wearing at least two pairs of shoes each week means that parts of your body get a break every time you switch sneaks.

The key to a safe running program is built-in rest days; switching shoes helps give your body that much-needed rest time even as you continue to log your miles. Similarly, cross-training (or varying your cardio workouts) helps reduce foot pain and injury because you stress different parts of your body during different exercises.

So imagine this perfect world and join me in my vision of pain-free running: switch your shoes at least twice a week, vary your cardio routines and allow yourself days of rest between workouts. If you follow these simple steps, you can hopefully stave off foot pain and a requisite visit to Tanglewood Foot Specialists.

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