This is what happened when Savannah Guthrie ran in three-inch heelsI’m always talking about how dangerous wearing high heels can be, but a live incident on national TV has just illustrated my point perfectly!

Last week, Today Show host Savannah Guthrie tripped over her three-inch heels while rushing inside to the Studio after filming an outdoor segment for the morning show.

On Monday’s show, Guthrie was seen wearing a big ‘ol walking boot; she admitted that she’d sprained her ankle in the fall and would be stuck in the supportive gear for the next three-four weeks.

After explaining that her ankle is “as close to being broken without being broken as it could be,” the anchor had a public service announcement to share with viewers.

Holding up the stiletto boot she was wearing when she tripped and fell, Guthrie said with a wry smile: “See what happens when you wear three-inch heels? They kill. I was running and it really twisted it.” 

 I couldn’t have said it better myself, Savannah: no good can come from wearing three-inch heels at work (a 'safe' height for heels is considered less than two inches, although even at that lower heigh there is no guarantee!)  Leave the high-heeled boots for a rare night on the town or else you’ll likely be left pondering ways to bedazzle a walking boot, just like Savannah Guthrie! But if you think your feet are in trouble, don't hesitate to contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider to get it checked out!

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