Take care of your arches and your feet will thank youNo, that’s not a typo in the headline: as much of the country prepares for college basketball’s endless bracket selections and sneaked mid-day game viewings, we here at Tanglewood Foot Specialists are preparing for Arch Madness, a period we’ll devote to improving your foot health and comfort. 

If there’s nothing wrong with the arch of your foot, then chances are, you don’t spend that much time thinking about it. If, however, you’re experiencing unexplained foot pain, one place you may want to focus on is the curves of your feet.

Oh those crazy arches—Why are they so troublesome?

No two people have identically shaped arches and feet, yet many people buy identical shoes; while some people will fit their store-bought kicks perfectly, others will not receive the support they need and will experience discomfort. In order to help your arches fit comfortably in your shoes, you may want to be fitted for custom orthotics.

Of course, orthotics aren’t the solution to all arch problems; if your arch has fallen and you have diabetes, you may be experiencing the onset of Charcot foot, an advanced symptom of neuropathy. This arch problem is not just an annoyance—it is a serious complication that can lead to ulcers and possibly even amputations, so if you suspect your foot has changed shape, you must see your Houston podiatrist immediately.

In addition to indicating arch problems, pain in this part of your foot could be a sign of another problem—plantar fasciitis. An injury that’s the result of torn or inflamed plantar fasciia bands (the connective tissue on the bottom of your foot), plantar fasciitis is usually identified by crippling heel pain, but can also manifest as arch pain.  

But wait, there’s more; pain in your arches could be a sign of a bruise, sprain or fracture. Unless you see your doctor, it may be very difficult to figure out why your feet are hurting you. 

So, here’s my suggestion: while you prepare to follow you favorite basketball teams into March, prepare your feet for months of comfort. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today to address any arch pain issues and experience comfort for the madness of the weeks and months ahead. 

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