Was Madonna the Grammy’s Worst Dressed?

When Madonna showed up on the Grammy’s red carpet last night, the Queen of Pop once again sparked a lot of buzz. Wearing a black tuxedo, top hat, gold grillz and a matching cane, Madonna surely got the Fashion Police talking up a storm.Hey Madonna: Is your style statement masking your foot injury?

Later in the evening, as she performed onstage following the live marriage of 34 couples, she showed off an outfit change—as she sang “Open Your Heart” to the newlyweds, she wore a white western-style pantsuit with a cowboy hat and a new, matching white cane.

This outfit got a whole different set of viewers buzzing—podiatrists like myself. As my readers know, Madonna bruised a bone in her foot a few weeks back after dancing for too long in high heels. At the time of her injury, I pointed out that she wasn’t really resting her foot properly, as she showed off pictures of herself working out while still on crutches. Last week, she was seen walking around without crutches, apparently healed, but her ever-present cane at the Grammy’s left me wondering—did Madonna make her bone-bruise worse by overdoing it?

A bone bruise, unlike a bruised knee, is a serious injury. When someone has a bruised foot bone, it means that some of the fibrous tissue in the bone (called trabeculae) has been injured. In this way, a bone bruise can be thought of as being one step away from a fracture, since a key difference between a bruise and a break is the amount of injured trabeculae in the bone (when your bone in broken, all of its fibrous tissue will be damaged instead of just some of it.)

Now, if you knew that you had an injury that was just steps away from becoming a fracture, wouldn’t you stay home and rest until that injury was healed? You would if you were a patient at Tanglewood Foot Specialists! In my practice, I give my patients appropriate care so that injuries heal quickly without worsening. If you have a foot injury, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider right away. Unless, of course, you want to start building up your cane collection.

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