Houston podiatrist treats splinters in children's feetWhen kids need something they typically know who to go to. If they're hungry, maybe they'll call for Mom. Need a new video game, maybe Dad is the right one to see. Of course, when Dad is a Houston podiatrist, all foot problems automatically come to him! What happens when Dad's away or kids are out of town? The picture you see is of my 4 year old son Jonah's foot. He's visiting his grandmother in Canada with my wife and other kids. Guess who couldn't take care of him?

It's another hot Houston summer and that means kids running around in bare feet. Along with all the other hazards, we see a lot of kids getting splinters from wood decks. Kids know as soon as they get the splinter...and the prospect of getting it out can get pretty scary!

Not all splinters need to be seen by a doctor. In fact, most are not deep into the skin at all. If that's the case, massage the splinter, working it out of the skin. When the tip is exposed, use tweezers to grab it. If you're successful, wash it good with soap and water and apply an antibiotic ointment for a few days. If you the splinter in your child's foot is too deep, or they're just too wiggly to let you try, then it's time to see your foot doctor in Houston.

At Tanglewood Foot Specialists, Dr. Andrew Schneider understands that kids are afraid of going to the doctor. Dr. Schneider and his team work hard to make it as comfortable for him as possible. We talk directly to your child and never talk around her. We want to make sure that your child understands everything that is going on and is comfortable. Whether it's a splinter, ingrown toenail, plantar's wart, or any other foot or ankle pain, we look forward to seeing you in the office.

As for Jonah's foot, my wife and her mother were able to get the splinter out. Jonah is happily running around once more...and Dad is guilty here in Houston!

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