Let's cheer on our Astros while keeping our diabetes on track!Congratulations to our World Series Team, the Houston Astros!!! I am always a proud Houstonian, but this week I’m just a bit prouder than usual! If you are lucky enough to be heading out to watch a game live (or plan to check out the Texans in action any time soon) I think you’ll find these diabetic-friendly game day tips very useful. Go ‘ Stros!!

Before the Game

  • Eat at home. Eat a filling and nutritious meal. This will not only save you some money, you won’t be as drawn to splurge on unhealthy snacks.
  • Hydrate. Drink A LOT of water before the game and buy a water once you’re inside the stadium.
  • Check your stadium's rules. If the stadium allows guests to bring in food, consider packing carrots, apples, and prepared snacks that fit with your meal planning.

Inside The Stadium (or at a viewing party)

  • Scope out your possibilities. Walk around to see all the food options. Don’t fall for the first cotton candy stall you see.
  • Step to your snack. If you want to get a snack, get up and go to the stall to order. Avoid buying in the stands; those are never the healthiest options.  
  • Share. Get a few options to share and you’re more likely to avoid overeating.
  • Skip sodas. Soda might sound refreshing, but the overload of sugar (even the fake kind) will leave you with more sweet food cravings and may even dehydrate you.
  • Ban booze. Skip alcohol to avoid empty calories and carbs.
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