Peaches: Good and good for your feet!As August is quickly drawing to a close, I feel as though I’ve been remiss in not mentioning the fact that it’s National Peach month. Aside from being one of the summer’s juiciest treats, peaches can actually do a lot of great things for your overall foot health.

Read on for the top 4:

  1. Peaches contain phenols that act as anti-oxidants and can help fight against obesity-related Type 2 Diabetes.
  2. Peaches can help with weight loss, since they make you feel full and only cost you about 50 calories. Weight loss can help maintain blood sugar levels, preventing diabetic complications like peripheral neuropathy.
  3. The vitamin A and C in peaches can help promote healthy skin growth, speeding up the time it takes for foot wounds to heal and staving off the development of  ulcers.
  4. Peaches have a light diuretic and laxative effect on the body, which can help you flush out toxins and alleviate the pain of gout.

Of course, peaches have plenty of other non-foot related health benefits but as a Houston podiatrist, I’ve selfishly chosen to only relay the health boosts directly associated with my field.

In my Tanglewood Foot Specialists practice, I encourage patients to take proactive measures to prevent foot pain, but I also ask you to stay smart. If pain and discomfort is keeping you from staying active and enjoying life, don’t pick up a peach and hope for the best—schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider for medically-proven pain relief options

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