Avoid foot pain while shopping on Black FridayFor most of us, Black Friday means two things: major turkey hangovers and SHOPPING! Unfortunately a long day walking the mall and waiting in lines can be murder on your feet, especially if you’ve already put on a little holiday wait.

If you want to score the best in-store deals without paying the price in foot pain, read on for your

Houston Podiatrist’s Tips to Avoid Foot Pain on Black Friday

  1. Choose function over fashion

    Of course you want to look great when you’re snapping up the latest styles, but you need to wear supportive shoes if you’re spending the whole day on your feet. Slip into sneakers or athletic shoes and bring along a pair of heels if you need something dressier to try on outfits.
  2. Keep Your Head Up

    With all the crowds pushing past one another to grab door buster deals, it’s crucial to stay focused and avoid tripping hazards that could leave you with sprained or even broken ankles.
  3. Get a Little Extra Help

    If you have a pair of custom orthotics, today is the day to wear them as your feet will really appreciate the extra love after a day of pounding the indoor pavement
  4. Unwind at the End

    Once you get home and your fabulous purchases are all tucked away (or left by the door to return after a re-think) give your feet a break. Sit down with your feet up for a while or, better yet, give those tired tootsies a nice long soak in the tub. Bonus points if you throw in some Epsom salts.

While all of these pointers will undoubtedly help you prevent Black Friday from turning on you, there is one other, fool-proof way to avoid the all-day shopping blues…Skip the mall and…

  1. Wait for Cyber Monday

    You can still score some great deals and you can even do it in your jammies!

If you still end up with foot pain while out shopping the Black Friday bargains, contact Dr. Andrew Schneider for an immediate appointment. Happy holidays, everyone!

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