Can you use biofreeze for neuropathyPeople who suffer from peripheral neuropathy in Houston deal with constant discomfort. It may be tingling, numbness or burning pain. But it's going to be uncomfortable, so they're on a constant lookout to help to moderate their symptoms. 

Even worse? People think there's nothing you can do to relieve neuropathy pain. And that's just not true. 

Luckily, there are an overwhelming amount of remedies. (Though some of them do work better than others.) And one such remedy is Biofreeze, a topical analgesic, that provides temporary relief from peripheral neuropathy pain. Ready to learn more? First, let's briefly review what causes neuropathy and how it affects your body. 

What is peripheral neuropathy? 

Peripheral neuropathy describes a condition where you've sustained damage to the outer nerves in your legs and feet. It can cause weakness, pain or numbness in the feet and/or hands. Some people also experience digestion, urination and circulation problems with neuropathy.

Why is this condition so damaging? Your body's peripheral nervous system is in charge of sending out sensory information to your central nervous system and body. When it sustains damage, those messages go wonky. And that's when you experience loss of sensation, or unwanted, painful feelings. 

What Causes Neuropathy? 

The number one cause of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes. But it's not the only one. You may also develop this condition after an injury or infection. Certain autoimmune diseases and tumors can leave you with neuropathy. Exposure to toxins or chemotherapy drugs, metabolic problems, or simple genetics could also be the problem. Even excessive alcohol use or vitamin deficiencies can trigger neuropathy. 

Regardless of the cause, help is available for neuropathy pain. In fact, there are several treatment options. And the one you choose may depend on your symptoms. Or the underlying cause of your condition. 

Treating Peripheral Neuropathy in Houston, TX

It's important to seek early intervention if you develop neuropathy. Why is that the case? Well, untreated neuropathy increases your risk for complications. 

Without sensation in your feet, you're at higher risk for burns and skin injuries. After all, if you can't feel a hot or sharp object, you won't know to move your feet and avoid injury. 

Then, if you don't notice a cut or burn, it's more likely to get infected. Plus, since many diabetics with neuropathy have reduced blood flow to their feet? That infection won't heal quickly. So you're more likely to develop a wound or ulcer

Finally, untreated neuropathy leaves you vulnerable to falling. It's hard to maintain balance when you can't feel your feet well. So improving neuropathy symptoms can help you stay on your feet. 

Prescription Treatment Options

Patients who suffer from neuropathy pain--not numbness--may find relief from prescription medications. Options include  Cymbalta, Lyrica and Neurontin. But keep in mind that they are strong drugs that may also trigger unwanted side effects. Or interact with other medications you're already taking. 

If your neuropathy leaves your feet feeling numb, or wrapped in wax? I may recommend special vitamin blends or medical foods that can offer relief. And, unlike prescription drugs, they should cause fewer side effects. Some can even be purchased over the counter, without heading to the pharmacy. 

But if you're looking for fast, non-prescription relief?  It's finally time to talk about Biofreeze. And to explore how it can help you manage neuropathy pain. 

Can You Use Biofreeze for Neuropathy   woman grabbing numb foot

You can absolutely use Biofreeze when seeking neuropathy relief. But what is this product? Well, Biofreeze is a topical analgesic. It comes in gell, roll-on, and spray forms, giving you plenty of options. 

This originally gained popularity as a sports-pain relief gel.  But, over the years, people have found many new use cases. So, how can Biofreeze offer neuropathy relief? 

In every form, this product contains Ilex. (That's an herbal extract that helps produce a therapeutic effect.) Better yet? Unlike other sports gels, Biofreeze only has a cold therapy. And, in addition to providing pain relief, that also helps to reduce inflammation.

Will Biofreeze relieve all my neuropathy symptoms? 

Unfortunately, the answer here is, "probably not." As I mentioned earlier, most people choose their neuropathy treatment based on their symptoms. And Biofreeze seems to work best for people who experience the burning pain of peripheral neuropathy. 

Now, you can use any product form. But I typically recommend the spray form. My patients compare it to a fire extinguisher that sprays away their burning pain. 

Are there dosing limits on Biofreeze for neuropathy? 

Unlike many prescription medications, you can use Biofreeze all throughout the day, whenever you need relief. It offers no adverse effects. And it shouldn't inteact with any other medications you may be taking. 

Sounds perfect, right? Well, I've saved the best news for last! So here it is. We always carry Biofreeze in our Houston podiatry offices. If you would like to pick some up to try, give us a call and come on in. No appointment is necessary!

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