Icing a broken foot

When you hurt your foot, the first step is to diagnose that injury! Remember, a broken foot isn't always obvious. In fact, many people are able to walk after breaking a foot bone. So, the only way to know if your foot is broken is with an x-ray.

Now, you could head to the Emergency Room for an x-ray. But then, you'd face a long wait while more critical patients receive care. Then, you'd have to wonder which doctor is reading your x-ray to diagnose your injury.

If it's a general emergency physician, you may not get the accurate diagnosis you need for a full recovery. You see, your foot has 26 bones, many of which are small and easy to overlook. For that reason, we've heard plenty of storis of patients who return from the ER with a clean bill of health. But they find out, days or weeks later, that their foot was broken. Want to avoid that situation? Go see your podiatrist if you've experienced any kind of foot injury.

See a Podiatrist for a Broken Foot

Now, let's return to that original question. We've established that a podiatrist is the best doctor to diagnose your broken foot. And it follows that you want to treat a broken foot with a doctor who treats all areas of foot and ankle problems.

And guess who fits that description? You guessed it: a podiatrist in Houston, TX! Why? Your podiatrist can assess the severity of the foot fracture. And he or she can do so with confidence, since podiatrists see foot fractures every day.

Also, thanks to experience, podiatrists can decide the right treatment plan for your foot fracture. That way, it will heal in the right way. And that's a big deal for so many reasons.

Recovering from a Foot Fracture Using a removable fracture walker for a broken foot

Most broken feet will heal in about 6 weeks. But that's not the case if we don't choose an appropriate treatment. You see, how we set your broken bone depends on the location and severity of your fracture.

If your broken foot bone is in a good position, we can choose immobilization treatment. But if you're thinking that means a bulky cast, don't worry. I prefer treating broken feet with fracture boots. (And because I'm a podiatrist, I keep these boots stocked in my office. So you could be x-rayed, diagnosed and immobilized with one office visit!)

Why are fracture boots best for non-displaced foot fractures? First, they're more comfortable than casts. Plus, they cause less interference in your regular activities. Because you can walk in this boot. And you can take your boot off when you bathe or sleep. And doing so won't sacrifice the protection your broken foot needs to heal.

Of course, if your bone looks unstable on the x-ray, I can't let you walk on your boot. Doing so could extend your recovery time. Instead, I'll suggest using a scooter for your broken foot. This will help you keep weight off your broken bone. But it helps you avoid the frustration and pain of using crutches.

Finally, we'll have to see if your bone has moved during your injury (a displaced foot fracture.) If it has, you'll need foot surgery, or your bone won't heal in the proper place.

At this point, you'll have to choose your foot surgeon. Here, again, I'd suggest working with a podiatrist. We are trained surgeons, but we only operate on feet, so we've got years of expertise!

Now, while I can operate on your broken foot, that's the one procedure I won't do in my podiatrist's office. Instead, we'll go to an outpatient surgery center to fix your broken foot bone. During the surgeru, I reposition the broken ends of your broken bone. Then, since we don't want them slipping around, I'll secure your bone with a metal plate and screws. (Remember, these are medical devices, so they won't set off metal detectors!)

Speeding Up Your Broken Foot Recovery Man in cast for broken foot or ankle

Why did we just review all the treatment options for a broken foot? To make this fact clear: how you treat your broken foot bone matters. And it directly impacts the length of your recovery. (Not to mention the outcome of your healing!)

I think this goes without saying, but I'll put it out there anyways. When you've got a broken foot, nothing is worse than extending your recovery by weeks! I know that you're anxious to return to your normal routine. And because I've helped thousands of patients do that, I'm your best choice for treating a broken foot. I do know that there are other doctors who are also qualified to treat foot fractures. Orthopedists are bone doctors and surgeons; they can also treat your fractures. In fact, there are some orthopedists who specialize in the foot and ankle. And they can do a great job, even though I don't recommend going to the emergency room. As I said earlier, I've found many foot fractures missed on ER x-rays.

Remember, at Tanglewood Foot Specialists, we take the x-rays in the office. And we read them immediately, so you do not have to wait for the results. Dr. Schneider will spend the time with you to make sure you understand the severity of your broken bone. Then, we'll review what needs to happen to allow it to heal quickly and completely. What does that mean for you? If you think you broke your foot, call our Houston podiatry office now. We'll schedule you for an immediate appointment.

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