Airline Mandates High Heels for Flight Attendants

Being forced to wear high heels is dangerous for flight attendantsAn international airline has sparked outrage among both customers and employees by insisting that female flight attendants must wear high heels until all passengers have boarded a flight and been seated; the airline’s previous dress code only stated that female flight attendants had to wear heels in the airport (they could swap them out for flats as soon as they got on the plane.) A petition, already signed by 200 employees, has been submitted in an effort to reverse this policy.

As a Houston podiatrist, I always advise women not to wear high heels to work, especially if they must stay on their feet for extended periods of time: stilettos can cause foot pain, instability and deformities of the feet when worn repeatedly for extended periods of time.

And that’s just in a normal environment: On an airplane, where aisles are narrow and tripping hazards are plenty, the risk of falling in your heels and spraining or fracturing your foot or ankle rises exponentially.

I personally don’t believe wearing heels should be a mandatory part of anyone’s job description, but certainly not for women who already put their feet at risk by spending hours standing on the job. It’s time employers and women everywhere take a stand (pun intended) and demand the right to wear safer, more supportive foot wear to work or anywhere they choose! Like and share this post if you’re with me!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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A podiatrist and foot surgeon in Houston, TX.