Fist step to pain relief for foot injuriesMost running injuries respond to an initial treatment of icing, stretching, and controlled strengthening. This is why the Thera-band First Step to Pain Relief Kit is so popular in our office! The kit packages three home treatments which are easy to use, portable, and very effective! The kit has a Thera-band Foot Roller, Thera-band resistance band, and Biofreeze roll-on.

The Thera-band Foot Roller is a firm foam roller that can be used throughout the day to stretch the plantar fascia ligament, as well as all of the muscles and joints within the foot. It was featured on The Doctors television show and my patients report that they love to keep using it even after their pain is gone.

The Thera-band resistance band is a convenient and effective way to stretch the foot and ankle. It is also used to restore strength as well. Stretching and strengthening helps you to recover and get back to running after an injury.

Finally, Biofreeze is well-known to most runners. It is a topical anti-inflammatory and pain reliever that can be applied to all sore muscles. Icing helps to reduce inflammation, but you can't take ice with you! Biofreeze is a good replacement for icing when it's not possible. This roll-on makes it easy to apply without getting it all over your hands!

When you come to Tanglewood Foot Specialists with a running injury, Dr. Schneider will probably recommend the First Step to Pain Relief kit. Otherwise, give the office a call and ask for one!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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A podiatrist and foot surgeon in Houston, TX.