Houston podiatrist designs custom orthotics to help you run and walk without painLike everyone, you have your good shoes and your bad shoes. Shoes that you can walk all day in and shoes that you know you’re going to kick off under the table.

Celebrities are no different. And when it comes time to walking the red carpet, shoes are for looks and not comfort. So how to some celebrities survive the night.

Kristen Bell is the voice of Princess Anna in Disney’s Frozen. She has said that she survives wearing her red carpet heels by wearing custom orthotics.

Same goes for Scarlett Johansson who plays Black Widow in the Avengers movies. She gets through her action scenes also with the help of custom orthotics. Same goes for her high heels.

In my practice, I put patients in custom orthotics every day…you might be one of them! I design a custom orthotic to support your foot and stop if from working too hard. If we can control that, it’ll stop your feet from hurting when you’re exercising or wearing your favorite shoes.

A custom orthotic is a specialized shoe insole that is custom made for your feet. You might equate a custom orthotic with an arch support. That’s only one function of a custom orthotic. The orthotic doesn’t just support your foot. It corrects any instability with your foot mechanics. While you’re wearing a custom orthotic, your feet will feel relaxed. They will function in a stable and efficient way. This will allow you to walk and run without your feet getting tired or having pain.

The most common reason you would wear a custom orthotic is for flat feet. A flat foot is an unstable foot. That means your foot has to Houston Podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider wore custom orthotics to run his first half marathonwork harder to get you from one place to the next. Your feet will hurt if you walk or run too long. Your feet would also hurt if you wore high heels. Your feet just lack the stability to make you comfortable.

A custom orthotic provides that stability. By wearing the custom orthotic, you’ll be able to walk farther and run faster.

Here’s a case study….me! My feet are the flattest ones you’ll ever see. They’re so flat that my knees take on so much pressure that they crack when I walk. I couldn’t run growing up because my feet and knees hurt so much.

Fun runs at school? Wasn’t so fun for me!

I didn’t get my first pair of custom orthotics until I was in school for podiatry. They changed my life. I didn’t have to limit how much I stood or walked. Even better, I took up running. I trained for and completed my first half-marathon in 2017. It was the Avenger’s Half-Marathon in Disneyland (orthotic shout out to ScarJo!). So I guess my custom orthotics made me more like an Avenger after all!

You can get the same results with custom orthotics that I did. If you find that you have to limit the amount that you are walking or running. If you find that you simply can’t wear your favorite shoes because they hurt too much. If you have a goal that you don’t think your feet can carry you through. Then please schedule an appointment for us to discuss a custom orthotic.

A custom orthotic changed my life. I know if can for you too.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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