A team of Spanish experts is investigating after cases showed COVID-19 sufferers could be identified early through lesions to their feet "similar to chickenpox". Credit: Newsflash/Consejo General De Col/AustralscopeA team of Spanish scientists are investigating reports that an early sign of COVID-19 could show up in the feet. This group reports lesions on the feet, similar to those seen in chickenpox or measles, may appear before respiratory symptoms occur. The statement from Spain included other European countries in these findings, such as Italy and France.
In a report from 7 News in Australia, it seems that the purple lesions are showing up more in younger patients, although they have been present in adult cases as well. The lesions do not seem to be painful and tend to resolve on their own. Of course, further correlation between these lesions as an early sign of the virus is needed.
If a correlation is noted, however, it can serve as an early sign of COVID-19 infection before other symptoms are apparent. It can also serve as a way to identify the virus in patients who are otherwise asymptomatic.
If you have encountered a lesion on your foot that you're unsure what is responsible, contact our office for an immediate appointment. Virtual telemedicine appointments are also available and work great for skin conditions such as these.
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