The 4 Most Common Foot Related Injuries That Occur Among Women


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Houston podiatrist treats foot pain in womenThe reality is staring you in the face, and it is a fact that women are far more likely to experience foot related issues than men, simply because women more commonly wear shoes that are narrow and that squeeze their toes. High heels also put a lot of pressure on the front of a woman’s foot which can result in her experiencing a lot of pain in the arch and ankle.

Here are some of the most common issues that women will experience in terms of ankle and feet related issues:

1. Morton’s Neuroma:

This is a condition where the nerve tissue found at the ball of the foot becomes enlarged and imflamed, which of course causes a lot of pain. This often happens to women who regularly wear shoes that have a tapered toe. Women that have been wearing high heels on a regular basis for years will also be more likely to experience this issue.

2. Bunions:

This is where the angle of the bones in of your feet slowly change over the years resulting in the big toe starting to lean. This slowly but surely results in a bump being created on the side of the great toe joint. A women that experiences the troubles of a bunion usually does so because she has inherited a bad mechanical foot structure. Bunions can arise in both men and women, but it’s women’s shoes such as high heels that cause the pain to be more prominent in women.

3. Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis:

The heel pain that many women experience is often a direct results from Plantar Fasciitis. More often than not, a women will be suffering from Plantar Fasciitis because she has foot mechanics that causes an inflammation in her heel. Other factors can also contribute to heel pain, such as wearing flip flops or other shoes that don’t support the feet.

4. Ankle Sprain:

A sprained ankle can happen to both men and women. It is common in women because they often wear shoes that require greater balance and has a predisposition to the injury. High heeled shoes, especially when worn on slippery surfaces, can result in a woman twisting the ankle.

So there you have it...the four most common foot injuries seen in women. Try your best to avoid wearing heels all the time and you will reduce your chances of experiencing them.

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