Foot Injury Continues to Plague James Harden

For the past few weeks, the Houston Rockets’ James Harden has been playing a will-he-or-won’t he game as he battles foot pain. He’s already missed two out of the team’s last six games, and now he’s questionable for tonight’s game against Memphis.

On Sunday, Harden told the press, “We just have to re-evaluate it (in Memphis) and see where I am. We will see how I am doing and go from there.”Don't be a slave to foot pain like James Harden has been

Harden’s foot first started bothering him three weeks ago, and since then he’s been in an up-and-downhill battle to get the pain under control. Yesterday, he said he’d been sticking to a rehab plan of treatment and rest and was doing a bit better; apparently the foot’s swelling has subsided, but Harden still wants to be cautious with the injury.

With non-specific sports injuries like Harden’s, it can be difficult to decide when to rest and when to play. When you have a sprained or fractured foot or ankle, the treatment plan is fairly clear, but with general foot pain, a little investigative work is required.

That’s where Dr. Andrew Schneider, your Houston podiatrist, comes in. If you are an athlete experiencing foot pain, but aren’t sure exactly what is causing your discomfort, an examination at Tanglewood Foot Specialists can rule out certain conditions and determine the quickest way to resolve your problem and allow you to return to your favorite activities. Don’t play hurt or take unnecessary risks with your foot health—schedule an appointment in my office as soon as you notice foot pain, to avoid bigger problems like James Harden is currently experiencing.

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