Free Information About Foot Care And Foot Injuries

There is nothing more important than understanding your foot health issues to take control and overcome them.  We've designed this library of articles to help you learn more about foot health, diabetic foot care, and sports foot and ankle injuries.  There will also be articles about common foot conditions and treatments.  If you are experiencing foot pain in the Houston area, call Tanglewood Foot Specialists at (713) 785-7881.

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  • October 2018 Newsletter Learn about bone spurs, how Tanglewood Foot Specialists is honoring National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and more in our October 2018 newsletter!
  • September 2018 Newsletter The Tanglewood Foot Specialist experts share info on managing bunion pain, good vs. bad fat, and why you should join a running club! Don't miss this and more!
  • August 2018 Newsletter Check out our August 2018 newsletter - full of helpful information on foot and overall health. Don't miss the 10% off coupon for Revere sandals! (Exp. 9/28/18)
  • July 2018 Newsletter In July’s edition of The Next Step, Dr. Schneider and his team at Tanglewood Foot Specialists share essential information about burns, sunscreen, your child’s foot health, and more!
  • June 2018 Newsletter Learn more about hammertoes, sun protection, and more in our June 2018 newsletter from Dr. Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialists!
  • Beat the Summer Heat with Cool Tips! - May 2018 Newsletter The current edition of The Next Step—Tanglewood Foot Specialists’ monthly newsletter—is posted and contains information regarding new foot relief products, melanoma and your feet, how to beat the summer heat, and so much more!
  • Spring has Sprung - April 2018 Newsletter The Next Step is stuffed with useful information about meditation tips, common shoe issues in warmer weather, the right time for bunion surgery, & more!
  • Make Healthy Choices for Foot Health - March 2018 Newsletter Our March Newsletter is stuffed with info about how to get better sleep, talking with loved ones about healthy eating, and what to do if you develop Achilles tendinitis
  • Getting Ready For Spring - February 2018 Newsletter With tips to pick the best teams for March Madness as well as new ways to treat foot pain, you don't want to miss our February Newsletter!
  • Warming Up For February - January 2018 Newsletter In our January newsletter, we have great tips for keeping your kids active this winter, along with helpful gift-giving advice coming up for Valentine's Day!