Cost for Prosthetic Feet Rise as Diabetic Foot Amputations Decline

Posted on Feb 15, 2012
Prosthetic feet are costing more after diabetic foot amputationImproved education and foot care in diabetics has led to a significant decrease in lower extremity amputations. In fact, a 66% decrease in amputations has been seen from 1996-2008. This, of course, has led to a decrease in the utilization of foot prostheses. The amount that is spent on these prostheses, however, seems to be rising significantly.
The issue at hand is the improvement in technology that goes into the prosthetic feet. Many of them function with a computer interface that allows users to be more active while using them. The question stands, however, does everyone need a high-tech foot?

Of course, not everyone is the same. Some patients are more sedentary and don't require an overly technical prosthesis. It is unclear, however, if prostheses are being prescribed based on the patient's needs and activity, or if the prostheses are being overutilized.
The best way to avoid this issue is to continue to have regular diabetic foot examinations. The houston diabetic foot specialists at the Foot & Ankle Institute of Texas will help to ensure that you keep your feet, despite diabetes. Our experts on diabetic foot ulcers will use the most advanced methods to heal your wound to prevent further complications. Contact our Houston office to schedule an appointment.

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