I’m always on the lookout for the best products to complement our services. My goal is to provide you with all the tools to be able to care for your feet and minimize the problems that will cause you to come into the office. 

A friend and colleague of mine, Kentucky podiatrist Dr. Nicole Freels, has been tirelessly working to develop a premium line of foot care products. She was inspired to do so in the memory of her grandfather, who was her inspiration to enter the podiatry field. 

Now, we get to benefit from these products. My test market (ie my wife and daughter) have tried and love the luxurious products and beautiful packaging. The ModPod line has everything you need to care for your feet.

RELAX Foot SoakHouston podiatrist carries ModPod Relax Foot soak

Relax is a soothing and detoxifying foot soak. The lemongrass-infused soak removes impurities and detoxifies your skin. All while soaking in a warm basin of water to relax you from a hard day on your feet. 


Houston podiatrist carries ModPod Soothe CBD Stick

Feet aching at the end of the day? Here’s the answer. Soothe is a gentle and natural way to take care of those achy feet. This ointment is in an easy stick applicator. This allows the CBD to sink into your skin and treat the most troublesome pain spots. This is perfect for any foot pain and will make you feel great.



Houston podiatrist carries ModPod Nourish Body Lotion

NOURISH Body Lotion

Here is a soothing lotion. Good for your feet and to hydrate your entire body with this refreshing moisturizer. The Shea butter and essential oils will soothe dry, itchy skin. The grapefruit aroma will have a calming effect. 


HYDRATE Hydration Balm

Houston podiatrist carries ModPod Hydrate Hydration Balm

Need next-level hydration? More than the body lotion provides? I have the answer for you. Hydrate is a creamy, clean balm that looks heavy, but feels exceptionally light on the skin. Consider this a mid-level hydrating cream. You’ll love it!



Houston podiatrist carries ModPod Repair Cuticle Oil

REPAIR Cuticle Oil

Everyone is raving about Repair cuticle oil. A small amount of Repair will restore dry, cracked cuticles. Any irritation will be managed by the mixture of essential oils and urea. Plus, the nutrients will strengthen and restore the healthy appearance to your nails.



BUFF Loofah Exfoliant

Houston podiatrist carries ModPod Buff Loofah Soap

Is it a soap? Is it a loofah? Turns out it’s both! This loofah/soap combination is perfect to exfoliate your feet or anywhere on your body. I’ve personally tried this one and it makes you feel great. It comes in 3 scents: Grapefruit, Lemongrass, and Peppermint. Come in and try them all!



SCRUB Peppermint Foot Scrub

Houston podiatrist carries ModPod Exfoliating Scrub

If you need more exfoliation action, this finely milled salt scrub is what you’re looking for. A little goes a long way. Massage it into rough areas of your feet and watch them emerge smooth as can be. 




FRESH Deodorizing Foot Spray

Houston podiatrist carries Fresh Deodorizing Spray

If you feel a bit self-conscious about foot odor, here’s the answer for you. Just a couple of sprays of Fresh will neutralize foot odor to keep them, well, fresh all day. The soothing and cooling power of peppermint works to make your feet feel great while fighting odor-causing bacteria.



HEAL Antifungal Callus Eraser

Houston podiatrist carries ModPod Callus eraser

Heal has a double use. The lemon-scented Heal balm exfoliates rough skin. The mix of essential oils helps kill bacteria and fights to heal dry skin. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of urea resolves existing irritation, reduces the buildup of dead skin, and gets rid of the unwanted skin flakiness. A silky smooth application will leave your skin with beautiful results. 


A question that I am asked is if ModPod products are appropriate for diabetics. The answer is an unqualified YES! All of the ModPod products are safe and recommended for everyone, including our diabetic friends. 

Come on in and check out these innovative and beautiful products that will make you feel great!