A bunion is a very common foot deformity. Often, when someone uses the term bunion, they use it to describe any type of bunion on the foot. So if someone has a corn or a wart, we often see it on our office schedule listed as a "bunion."

But a bunion is something that is very specific. A bunion is a rotation of the first metatarsal bone that causes it to shift out the side of the foot, leading to a present bump. The bump you see on the side of your foot is the head of that metatarsal bone. That is what causes the complications of pain and difficulty with shoes. Furthermore, people don't like it because it is unsightly.

There are ways to take care of a bunion deformity. If it is not painful, then we want to stop it from getting worse and may utilize a custom foot orthotic. In most cases, however, when a bunion is painful the best way to take care of it is surgically. There are some fantastic new bunion procedures that are available to take care of it once and for all and to keep you on your feet during most of the recovery.

So if you are finding that you have a painful bunion that is causing a bump on the side of your foot and it is impacting the shoes that you are able to wear or the activities you are able to do, contact us at the office for an immediate appointment.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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