Have you been told that you have such bad arthritis in your foot or ankle that the only way to take care of it is with surgery or even to fuse the joint? Well those procedures, while very effective, take a lot out of you. It is a major surgery to fuse those bones and will keep you off your feet for the better part of four to six months.

Not everyone has that amount of time to take off from work to recover from such a surgery. I'm often asked if there is another solution and, fortunately, there is. It is not a surgical treatment but rather utilizes a custom foot and ankle brace called an Ankle-Foot Orthotic (AFO). An AFO is custom made for you to fit into a shoe and allow you to be more active without pain.

The reason the AFO is so effective is because it prevents the motion of the arthritic bones that are causing you pain. By reducing the motion, it is going to reduce your pain level by approximately 90%. Using an AFO, I have helped patients bridge the gap between the point they know they need surgery to the point where they are able to take the time to get the surgery. Some patients have even opted out of the surgery entirely since they were so satisfied with the pain relief provided by the AFO.

If you have been diagnosed with foot or ankle arthritis and have been told that you need a foot or ankle fusion but you feel like it's not the right time for surgery yet, contact Dr. Schneider. We will be able to help you get out of pain and keep you active.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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