Even Fake Wrestlers Get Real Foot Injuries

Bo Dallas is out of the WWE for 6-8 weeks with a foot injurySpoiler alert: a lot of the wrestling matches that go on at WWE events such as Royal Rumble and Survivor Series are not, in fact, real. They are choreographed and staged for their viewing audiences.

If that piece of information hasn’t exactly left you gasping, this next little tidbit might still surprise you. Wrestler Bo Dallas, who first made his WWE debut in 2008, suffered a serious injury to his left foot this past weekend while taping a match at a WWE live event.

According to the WWE, Dallas will be out of commission for 6-8 weeks as a result of his undisclosed foot injury, meaning he’ll miss the next two Pay-Per-View matches (Survivor Series and WWE TLC.)

Well folks, there you have it: any sport, even one that is staged for television audiences, can prove risky to your feet.

In my years as a Houston podiatrist, I have seen many people who have experienced serious sports injuries that take them away from their sport for a long time, if not forever, simply because their recovery is not handled properly or they do not allow themselves sufficient time to heal.

If you are dealing with any kind of sports related foot injury and want to ensure that you return to the field, court (or ring!) as soon as possible and in good condition, schedule an appointment with your Dr. Andrew Schneider today! 

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