Kelly sure wears her walking boot with styleWhen Kelly Ripa walked onto the ABC set of Live! with Kelly and Michael set sporting a walking boot and crutches last week, you just KNEW she’d have a great story to share explaining her new accessories. And boy did she NOT disappoint.

Apparently, Ripa was taking part in a dance class when it all went down. As she tells it, “I did a jump and in my mind, I am an incredible dancer, graceful as can be, and I landed on (a stray weight left on the floor) and my foot went over and under the weight.”

The accident resulted in Ripa breaking four bones in her foot and, as she tells it, the moment of impact, “sounded like bubble wrap.”

Fortunately for Ripa, she won’t need surgery; she just has to stay in her boot for the next six weeks (Although, in an aside this Houston podiatrist can’t condone, she’s jokingly remarked that she doesn’t “plan on being in this thing that long.”

Here’s hoping all that talk is just bluster, and that Kelly follows doctors orders, rests up and enjoys a full and quick recovery!


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