Successful Foot Surgery Officially Ends Nets’ Center’s Season

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’ve been following the drama of Brook Lopez (the center for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets) and his broken foot. For those of you just tuning in today, I’ll catch you up quickly: the rising you star has fractured a metatarsal bone on the top of his foot twice in the last two years; he’s already had surgery twice to repair the injury and, on Saturday, he had his third and hopefully final reparative operation.This pose is familiar to Brook Lopez after his third foot surgery

According to reports released by the team, Lopez underwent a procedure to repair his broken bone; his surgeons also repositioned a second bone so that the sole of his foot will bear weight more evenly in the future. Their hope, of course, is to prevent Lopez from breaking his foot a third time; he is already missing the rest of the season following the most recent operation. Any more damage to the area could easily mean the end of his fledgling career.

The procedure which repositioned Lopez’s foot bone is known was a first metatarsal osteotomy. Osteotomy is the name for any surgical operation in which a bone is cut to shorten, lengthen, or change its alignment. Quite often, this type of procedure is used to repair bunions; the recovery process is painful and can sometimes be quite lengthy. Whether being used to correct a bunion or in a more complex case like that of Brook Lopez, in my Houston podiatrist practice, we always see such operations as a last resort option.

At Tanglewood Foot Specialists, I strive to give my patients the highest quality of care without performing unnecessary procedures. After giving you a comprehensive evaluation, I will recommend the least invasive treatment option that will get you back on your feet, quickly and free of pain

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