Who’s Got the Worst Feet in the NBA?

Repeated foot injuries are keeping rookie Rodney Hood off his game in the NBAWith all the running, jumping, short-stops and fast turns involved in playing professional basketball, it is no secret that the sport can take a toll on players’ feet.

There have been a lot of unfortunate foot injuries plaguing the league this year: Joel Embiid’s broken foot, Kevin Durant’s foot fracture followed by an ankle sprain on the same foot…

But one unlucky rookie has managed to earn this Houston podiatrist’s vote for the worst-off feet in the NBA (for this year at least.)

Since June 2013, Utah Jazz player Rodney Hood has suffered injury after injury, keeping him from becoming the difference-maker the team hoped he would be.

His first setback was a torn Achilles tendon in his right foot, which was unfortunately first diagnosed as an ankle sprain.

In November 2014, he developed inflammation due to plantar fasciitis in his right foot; this month, he started experiencing plantar fasciitis in his left foot as well and then, on Sunday night, he landed on another player’s foot and needed help to walk off the court, leaving the game for the night. No word yet on the latest diagnosis.

As I mentioned, basketball can be hard on your feet, but there are ways to minimize the impact any sport places on your appendages. There are also approaches you can take that allow you to recover safely from an existing injury without completely giving up on training—but they require the careful supervision of an experienced doctor.  If you want to get serious about a sport and want to protect your feet so you can stay in the game, schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew Schneider today!

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