Cycling orthotics in Houston A custom orthotic is used to balance the feet, which serve as the base of support for the entire body. The orthotic aids in providing stability and efficiency when there is instability in the lower extremity. It is commonly worn in running shoes, as well as all athletic shoes, work shoes, and dress shoes. This provides a consistency of the mechanics and how the foot and ankle functions.

Many incorrectly view bicycling as a non-weight bearing activity. This perception is because the feet do not touch the ground. Cycling, however, is weight bearing and provides repetitive stress on the foot and ankle. When the cyclist uses clipless pedals continuous pressure is placed on the forefoot. This causes the foot and ankle to work differently from a natural walking gait.

Orthoses are recommended to be worn in cycling shoes depending on the circumstances. If there is a mechanical instability involving the forefoot or an angular instability of the leg, an orthotic in the cycling shoes would be helpful. Some are comfortable wearing their same orthoses for their running shoes in their cycling shoes. Others, especially elite cyclists and ironman triathletes, have specialized orthotics designed specifically for their cycling shoes. Visit your foot doctor in Houston to see what is the right choice for you.
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