Plantar warts, also known as verrucae, are skin lesions formed by a local infection of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The warts are most commonly found on the bottom of your feet. That makes it painful, since you have to walk on them. It feels like you're walking on painful pebbles. Plantar warts are notoriously stubborn to resolve. That's because the virus is hidden from your immune system. That makes it difficult for your body to fight the virus to cure the wart.

What is Swift Microwave Therapy?

Swift is the best treatment for Houston plantar wartsConventional treatment for warts rely on using brute force to destroy the viral tissue. This is true for treatments for verrucae that use liquid nitrogen, laser treatment, salicylic acid, and other ways to remove warts. The conventional treatments also affect the healthy tissue, which can lead to scarring after treatment. The results of conventional treatments are also inconsistent. This leads to frustration as patients come in over and over again. There always seems to be that last bit of the viral tissue left to treat.

And then the wart comes back.

Swift takes a different, more cutting edge, approach. Unlike conventional therapies, Swift does not seek to destroy the wart tissue. Swift uses low dose microwave energy to allow your immune system to resolve the wart by exposing the viral tissue causing it. Because Swift triggers the immune system, there is less than a 1% chance of the wart reoccurring. That makes Swift an effective treatment that is a cure for plantar warts.

A treatment with Swift takes just a few minutes. Each wart requires about 5 two-second dose of microwave energy. Some patients feel some level of discomfort at the cessation of energy delivery. 

Benefits of Swift Wart Therapy

Most of the conventional wart treatments are painful. They cause a blister or burn that restricts your activity after the wart is treated.

That makes Swift different. There's no blister or wound after treatment. In fact, most people are amazed that their foot isn't even red after a session of Swift. Most patients feel no discomfort after a Swift session. You're able to return to work or school without so much as a band aid on your foot. 

Results from Swift Wart Therapy

Your warts will not immediately look any different after treatment with Swift. Over time, they will gradually shrink starting at the edges of the wart and moving inward. Your warts will completely disappear after a few months. This is a sign that your immune system has begun to target the virus.

Swift requires multiple treatments. Our treatment protocol is to treat your warts monthly for up to three treatments. This gives your body's immune system a chance to recognize and fight the virus. 

Am I a Candidate for Swift Wart Therapy?

If you have verrucae that you have been treating with over-the-counter treatments and they haven't any progress to treating your wart, you should consider Swift. If you have a lesion that is not bothersome, you should still come in to get your wart treated. That will prevent the wart from multiplying and becoming painful. That will make it harder to treat down the road.

Is Swift Covered By Health Insurance?

Swift is considered immunotherapy. This means it enables your immune system to fighting and destroying the viral infection. Because of that, however, it is not covered by health insurance. 

Some warts treated with Swift resolve in less than three sessions. Because of that, your investment for Swift is per treatment, rather than a package of treatments. Our current rate for Swift is $295 per treatment. Mention that you heard about it here and receive 10% off!

How Do I Schedule Wart Removal with Swift?

Swift is the preferred way to treat verrucae in my Houston podiatry clinic. It provides the best success rate while keeping you active and without pain. 

If you want to get rid of your pesky warts, then contact Tanglewood Foot Specialists to schedule a consultation to see if Swift wart therapy is right for you. If it is, we'll start with your first treatment at the same visit.