Houston podiatrist uses Swift Wart treatment to treat verrucaSwift microwave therapy has become our go-to way to treat plantar warts. It is a quick procedure, with each wart only requiring five, two-second pulses of energy. One question we get asked often is if Swift wart treatment is painful.

Is Swift Wart Treatment Painful?

That's a tough question, but for starters let's say that Swift wart treatment is not painless. Most people have some discomfort during the treatment. People describe it differently. Some say they feel a litttle burn as the energy stops at the end of a pulse. Others describe it as a hot needle touching the foot. You're going to feel something.

With that said, Swift wart treatment does not require anesthesia. We use a vibration device to confuse the nerves (and distract you) as the pulses are delivered. In some cases, I'll use a needleless, air-powered injector to make the warts slightly numb. While the treatment may be uncomfortable, it is certainly tolerable. Both kids and adults are able to tolerate the procedure with no problem.

How Does Swift Wart Treatment Compare to Conventional Wart Treatments?

If you're comparing the discomfort associated with Swift microwave wart treatment to conventional wart treatments, there is no comparison. Swift provides some discomfort during the treatment. That discomfort, however, is fleeting. In most cases, the discomfort dissapates immediately after the treatment. In some cases, it may take an hour or two for the discomfort to fully resolve. 

Contrast that with conventional treatments. Acid treatments, cryotherapy, chemical treatment with cantharidin, and surgical excision are all significantly painful treatments. They all leave a blister or wound after treatment that needs to be cared for. That means daily bandaging and taking medication to help with the pain.

Anyone who has treated their warts in more conventional ways love Swift. They love that it is non-invasive and requires no care afterwards. They feel that the discomfort from Swift is nothing compared to the other treatments they have tried. 

How Do I Schedule Swift Wart Treatment?

Because treatment with Swift microwave therapy for plantar warts is so quick, we don't have to schedule a special appointment for it. Schedule an appointment and let us evaluate your wart. We want to make sure that you are a candidate for the treatment. If so, we'll do your first treatement right then and there.